Initial planning

SSI can plan and liaise with government agencies and environmental authorities to obtain the necessary licences and permits. SSI can prepare reports to secure environmental licences for water, energy, wastewater plants, waste management facilities, etc.

Managing Compliance

SSI can help you with non-compliance issues by negotiating with environmental agencies and preparing Transitional Environmental Plans (TEP’s) for your site.

Examples of strategic plans that SSI has developed include:

Water Demand Management Plan (WDMP)

Used by developers and industry to accurately quantify water demands during the specified time period.

Water Efficiency Management Plan (WEMP)

Used to establish water conservation goals and identify water conservation opportunities.

Site Based Management Plan (SBMP)

Used to identify environmental impacts and promote compliance with standards and legislation.

Stormwater Management Plan (SMP)

Used to improve the management of stormwater quantity and quality.

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