The environmental challenges for the tourism and resort sector include excessive water consumption, discharge of untreated water, generation of solid waste, degradation of land and ecosystems, and potential damage to marine biodiversity. With the adoption of environmental sustainability strategies the sector is becoming increasingly sustainable through more responsible environmental practices. These changes are the basis to protect the natural resources and biodiversity in the area, provide a more environmentally friendly service to the customers and enable the most efficient operational approach.

Sustainable Solutions International (SSI) has extensive experience in engineering and environmental planning delivering sustainable infrastructure for the Resorts and Tourism Sectors in Australia and the Asia Pacific. SSI provides solutions focusing on the needs and resources available for resorts on a variety of scales and the tourism sector. We take into account local communities, tourists and the environment. SSI has developed solid waste and energy harnessing systems, water and wastewater master plans, irrigation schemes, audited operational and management procedures allowing clients to implement the most cost effective and suitable solutions.

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